Sunday, 12 July 2009

New Semester ma!!

Hulala..this week dah masuk week 4 for my third semester..and this semester would be the last education foundation year for us. This July i will come up as a degree student. So i have to prepare my self to face the adventurous years that will coming soon...haha..I'm very grateful when the result was announced last week..i target my self to get higher mark for this semester..huh..Alhamdulilah..I got Dean for my 2nd semester..also 1st semester..I told my mum and i know she would be the most happy mum..I lead my class as i got the highest result this semester rather than last sem..Tq to all my beloved lecturers..Miss Amyzar.Md Janice,En.Shahariman,En.Razak(My Tutor as well as my instrumental lecturer)..and all. I hope that i can obtain my result until the final year I'm here .I've never lead my class as the best students even from my primary school..this time is the first and I'm so happy for myself.This will inspire me to really appreciate my self and all those around me.

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