Saturday, 31 October 2009

Friends N Memories

Aku sgt suka bergaul dengan ramai org. Jadi bila bab menghitung kawan ni mmg xcukup jari la. Bagi aku xkira la rapat ke tidak dye tetap kwan aku. Lets sh

are sape kwan2 aku..hehe...tapi yang ni hanya yang nice snap la..yg mengukir kenangan dalam ingatan..hehe

Visited Kodiang in 2007 with Eil,Cat,Fiet

During Lunch Time Concert

Jamuan Hari Raya 2009,with Anis,Ekmal,Pika,Syafiq

With Fifi,Songket yg dipilih oleh aku..hehe

Ikhwan,Fareez And Me,during taking our SPM Certeficate

Miss U Guys so Much!!..

Friday, 30 October 2009

My Metabolism

I still remember, when i was child, my Aunt(Mak Long) never stopped asking me to eat lot of supplement so that my weight will risen. My mum was the one who most worried about me. I kept myself eat as much as i can but still didn't work to rise my weight. When i migrated from my child life to be a great teenager, i found there was something happened without my attention. My myself had been put on weight uncontrollably. Its unbelievable when i cant control myself. Until now my body keep putting weight. I went to my doctor and she said that i have to speed up my body metabolism and to achieve that i have to work more on sport and dietary....look the different:

When i was 12 at the bank of Tasik Titiwangsa

Reach 2009..

Family And Me

I love my Family as much as i love myself. My mum is the one who would always be queen of my heart and my father would always be king of my soul. I have 7 siblings and turned to be lucky number 6 . I love them so much. Diorang ni mcm corak-corak yg menghias lukisan hidup aku la..hehe.. Basically im from moderate family. Well being controlled by strict father. And now all of us has grew to be nice person...Alhamdulilah..Even now my dad isn't around least we live within his wishes and loves.

Lan Pet Pet In with my Family when he visited my dad stall in 2001

My Family Portrait when i was the youngest.


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