Friday, 12 March 2010

Here They Are!!

Assalamualaikum...Good Morning..
While i'm waiting for the washing machine putarkan baju..tiba2 dapat ilham nk share ngan korang pasal new generation of my family..hoho..ceritera anak-anak sedara...
yg comel2 semuanya..haha..pak cik dye pun comel..haha..(kata mama(Hani and the gangs )bile tgok aku bersenam tari semalam..haha..

All right,lets start the story with the Eldest one...

Danisha Adrina (Kak Eisya)
She's now 5 Years Old,dah msuk tadika..dan katenye her ambition nak jadi Ustazah..huhu..InsyaAllah..sejuk hati Mak nye..haha..

Yang ni Lak Adik kepada Eisya...

Syawalin Ardiniyang ni no 2..nama gelaran Dinie@ kak Ngah..senyum meguntum,mate bulat..suara..pergh..kasau!!..haha..4 tahun ..

then yang ketiga ialah..

Aqqil Khalish

hehe..yg ni anak kepada abg aku no3..dye ni sgt penakut..especially..kucing..haha..bunyi Blender, bunyi Vacuum Cleaner, mesin rambut..semua dye takut ..haha..
dah dekat 2 tahun..


Danish Iqbal

dah 1 tahun..baru bleh jalan..yang ni adik kepada..Eisya dan Dinie la...die paling rapat ngan aku ler..nmpak je siap..dlam buaian pun terjun..haha..

Yang Kelima...

(Gambar xde lg coz mak dye ckp lepas 40hari beru bleh amik wait ea...)

B.T.W..these are all pictures of their action..hoho...

Thursday, 11 March 2010

3 stages Of Life

Hi..for how long i didn't update my blog,now I come with a really interesting article which is about stages of human life. According to John Piaget there are 4 stages of human life which he relate to cognitive development. This time i'm not going to elaborate more on his theory but I just wanna share with U these amazing factS!!..

As there are 3 stages of human life..according to ???..i dont know...but i read it from somewhere...hoho..

1st Stage....

We have extra ENERGY....extra TIME..but less MONEY!! can be such a big problem..nothing we can do without money!! to next stage.~~

2nd Stage

We got MONEY,We Have ENERGY..but..we dont get enough TIME....then,

3rd Stage

We have
MONEY,We get more
TIME but at that time..We Have no more ENERGY....

I'm not saying that there are all ways of life,but basically there are..
So,as human being, we were given all those basic needs of life and it depends on us how we manage them.
Use all them wisely so that we won't regret with what we have done.
Get ourself closer to the one who create us and always be grateful for what we have.
As long as we have the time and we had and will go trough all these stages, make sure to prepare well!!

Thinking Of how My Life would be!!..


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