Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Selamat Berpantun

Next week,from 20th of July until 24th of July i will leaving for Port Dickson.I haven't been there for most of my life.Grand Straits Villa is waiting for me. I will represent my campus for the pantun festival that will be organized by DBP and KPM..whats really amazing about is,this will be my first trip to Port Dickson. I think i've prepared enough to face any campus for the pantun match. Something that i think u need to know is, there are two groups that been said excellent in pantun which are Campus Bahasa Melayu And Foreign Language Campus. I hope that i would never see them so that i can fly easily to the top of the match..haha..And hopefully i can remain until the final match that will be held in Kuching soon.....Wish me luck ya!!

Last Year..Kecundang sampai suku akhir je..haha

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