Saturday, 10 December 2011

A visit to Stonehenge

Assalamualaikum..hye ape khabar u all readers?..thanks for reading my blog and for most to those keep updating my blog!..haha..
surely, Im not kinda active and creative blogger..its just part of my interest to write and share with u guys!..haha..
allright,last 2 weeks, I have a short trip to Stonehenge..haha..actually its a local Stonehenge !new thing you must know today is Malaysia also have its own Stonehenge..
you dont have to spend your big amount of money to buy a flight ticket to UK just for a Stonehenge visit..haha..just come to Kuala Lumpur and visit this Malaysian Stonehenge..haha..

Me at the Stonehenge.
 Here some photos of Malaysia Stohenge..

I was amazed to see this, how Malaysian can actually build up this great structure of Stonehenge..the differences is just about the size and the base. The size absolutely smaller compared to the actual Stonehenge and its base is made up of concrete while the real Stonehenge base are fresh green grass.
Anyway lets give a big applause to National Planetarium of Malaysia for build up this great structure of  1 of world's wonder structure,Stonehenge.
 Besides,here are the real Stonehenge...
In the picture is My Cousin,Aziz Mustafa who just had a trip to UK last month. How great!..I wish one day I can go there as well. haha..btw, for those who haven't visit Malaysian Stonehenge,yes..make a short trip to National Planetarium of Malaysia..u dont need to pay any tickets!..its for!..

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