Monday, 26 September 2011


Read this post with smiles!..
Assalamualikum dear readers,
Lets say Alhamdulillah for a great life by Allah SWT...
come back to my's actually to all those have given me great and awesome presents for my 22nd birthday!THANKS!..MILLION THANKS from me..Love and Hugs go for YOU!
And Now lets the picture talking =)

1st celebration (during SBE in Terengganu)..on my birthday =) Thanks to Amir,Taqim and those whoa re there at the moment.
 2nd celebration..(at Black Canyon,Maluri)..this is really suprised..we plan just for a dinner..fortunately, they bought secret recipe's cakes!..Thanks to Pika.Dayah and Amir..

And the biggest celebration by BIG FAMILY..Thanks A lot!!..was held at Mommy's House..and I'm the master chef prepared main dishes for the special day =)
(having problem to upload cakes and some events moment..the picture's size are too big i guess)
anyway great presents I got!!...aww..=)

From my Sis..

D&G Tie from Omar

Kain Pelikat..Green..aha..from Sis Gee

Blue Shirt from Cute Kiko..=)

Body Glove white shirt from Dee

Jumbo Mug with motivational quotes from Angeline =)

Angry bird's water tumbler from Dek Man =)

Special "Biskut Raya" from adik and kakak..used to eat it everyday =)

Again..Angry Bird water Tumbler..from Amber =)..Ber...hehe

Fixie Belt!!..haha..from faiz and Rahimi =)..haha

Perfume from Ariel..I love the smell!

This is really made my day!..biscuits Jar from Abg Mie and Maca =)..haha

Orange Long Sleeve and Neck Tie from Sis Lia and Taqim =)

Special one!..never get before..!once after 22 years..haha..=)
 And this is present from my Junior..thanks dik =).. I prefer if u write Abg Irfan..haha..mcm dah jadi guru besar plak kasi nama Encik Irfan..ape da..

Again,Thanks for cheer up my life..
For being those standing by me!
For being good friends to me.
For being great  family for me =)
You Guys make me special..even in my own way!
Thank You Allah..
Alhamdulilah =)

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